Recommended Procedures For Frying A Turkey

Turkey Size: We suggest purchasing 10–12 lb. turkeys…Never more than 14 lbs. Larger turkeys result in poorly fried turkeys, either undercooked on the interior or overcooked on the outside. (These instructions were written for a gas fryer). Cajun Injector 30 Quart Gas Turkey Fryer w/ Seafood Boiler

STEP 1: Safety First. Determine the proper fill point for the oil in your fryer. The fryer may have a fill line above which the oil should not be filled (check for the line). Otherwise, you can determine the actual displacement of the oil when the turkey is submerged by testing the fryer, filling with water, then placing the turkey in the water. The amount of water used corresponds to the amount of oil needed. Thusly, you can be sure of the actual amount of oil required. It should cover the turkey, yet be several inches below the top of the fryer.

STEP 2: Before frying, the turkey should be completely thawed. Follow the defrosting instructions recommended by the turkey processor. Clean the turkey cavity and be sure the opening around the neck is clear. Prior to frying, be sure to pat dry the turkey inside and out to prevent oil popping from moisture.

STEP 3: We recommend injecting Cajun Injector marinade into the breast, legs, and thighs of the turkey using 1-1/2 to 2- fluid ounces per pound. See the instructions on the marinade packaging for more details. Sprinkle Cajun Injector Cajun Shake liberally throughout the turkey cavity. Rub additional Cajun Shake under the skin of the bird for best results, or sprinkle over the exterior of the bird.

STEP 4: Heat the oil to a temperature of 375°F and then turn off if a gas fryer is utilized. Place the turkey upside down in the fry basket (or on a cooking prong) so that the legs are at the top and the cavity fills with boiling oil. Carefully lower the turkey into the oil. After the turkey is successfully lowered into the oil, relight the burner and bring the oil temperature back to 350°F.

STEP 5: Fry the turkey at 350?F for 3-1/2 minutes per pound and turkey is golden brown. Remove the turkey from the oil and allow to drain completely (turning off the burner for safety). Check the internal temperature deep in the breast. The turkey is cooked properly when it reaches 165°F. Remove the turkey to a platter, draining oil on absorbent paper and allow the turkey to rest 15 minutes prior to slicing (this allows the juices to redistribute throughout the turkey).

STEP 6: Once the oil has cooled, drain or pour the oil back into container. Cooking oil can be filtered to remove small particles. Oil may be reused within three months, if stored in a cool dark place it will not retain the flavors of most foods.