Cajun Injector - Injecting TechniquesInjectable marinades and brines possess the same characteristics as their counterparts except that they do not require soaking the meat in order to impart flavor; moisturize, and tenderize. Unlike other marinade soaking methods that only penetrate about ¼ inch into meat surfaces, require long soak times, and contaminate expensive marinades, flavor injection products such as the Cajun Injector marinades infuse blended flavors deep inside the meat. Conceptually the flavor injection concept makes good sense: instant flavor, no waiting, no waste as marinade is injected, and no fats are required in the marinades to protect the meat surface during soaking time. Rubs, seasonings, and sauces are used to flavor the surface of the meat.

As with other culinary endeavors, the proper technique when flavor injecting will result in superior results. The flavoring should be injected uniformly throughout the meat with as few punctures of the meat as possible. The flavor injector is a syringe with a needle attached to a plunger which allows the user to inject the flavoring deep into the meat.

Injecting Tips for poultry start with limiting the puncture holes and when possible separating the skin from the meat and puncturing directly into the geometric center of the meat. Carefully and slowly inject along the grain of the meat aiming the injector into the middle of the meat and reduce plunger pressure on liquid as the needle comes nearer the surface of the meat (so meat can close up behind the needle.) Do not pull the needle completely out of the puncture hole unless to reload with liquid. Use the same hole to angle into the other areas of the meat, slowing infusing flavor as the needle moves back toward the meat surface. Remember the object is to spread your injection pattern so as to get small amounts of flavor in as many places as possible. Occasionally, some of the liquid is likely to spurt out on the meat surface. Rub the flavoring over the surface of the meat and then rub and season the surface of the meat as desired.