“Nom Nom Nom” Smoked Turkey

“Nom Nom Nom” Smoked Turkey


  • 1 (12-14 lb.) Turkey, thawed (We find that smaller birds work best as it avoids under cooking deep inside and over cooking on the outside).
  • 1.5oz. Per lb. Cajun Injector Creole Butter Marinade
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup Apple Juice
  • 1/4 cup Oak or Pecan Wood Chips
  • Cajun Injector Quick Shake Cajun Shake


  1. Allow turkey to thaw in refrigerator according to manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Once thawed, remove from packaging, remove the neck, giblets, et. from the cavity and rinse the turkey with water and pat dry.
  3. Inject the turkey with 1/5 ounces of Cajun Injector Creole Butter Recipe Marinade per pound of bird.
  4. Tie turkey legs together and brush with vegetable oil. Sprinkle liberally with Cajun Injector Cajun Shake.
  5. Set the Cajun Injector Smoker temperature to 225 F and allow for 35 – 40 minutes per pound of smoking time or until a minimum internal cooking temperature of 180 F registers on a thermometer in the turkey’s thigh. *Don’t let the thermometer touch the bone. Note: Dark meat takes longer to cook than white meat.
  6. Pour the apple juice into the water pan and place the turky in the smoker.
  7. Place 1/4 cup oak or pecan wood chips into the wood chip chute, and ensure that no chips remain in chute after loading.
  8. Once the chips start to smoke, commence timing the smoking process. After the first hour, check the wings and leg segments. If any parts are browning too quickly, cover them with aluminum foil.

Note: Smoked turkey has a different color than baked turkey (it often looks pinker). This is normal and is caused by the meat’s reaction to the smoke. As long as the turkey registers an internal temperature of 170 F in the breast and 180 F in the thigh, your turkey is done and completely safe to eat.”

Yields Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 30-40 min. per lb @ 225 F



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