Cajun Injector StoryWhat began as an award winning marinade in Louisiana and became a favorite with chefs around the world is now yours to enjoy with friends and family. Since their introduction to the world in 1977, Cajun Injector’s marinades have become famous in many of America’s most popular restaurants, hotels and resorts.

The secret? Carefully selected seasonings and spices and an innovative method of deep-injecting meats in order to quickly impart rich flavor. Today, those years of experience and that special Louisiana spirit for good living is found in all Cajun Injector Injectable Marinades.

Injectable marinades possess the same characteristics as traditional marinades except that they do not require soaking the meat in order to impart flavor, moisturize, and tenderize. Unlike traditional marinades where soaking only penetrates about ¼ inch into the meat surfaces, requires long soak times, and contaminates expensive marinades, flavor injection products such as Cajun Injector marinades infuse blended flavors deep inside the meat. Conceptually the flavor injection concept makes good sense: instant flavor, no waiting, no waste as marinade is injected, and no fats are required in the marinades to protect the meat surface during soaking time. And our unique Cajun Injector rubs, seasonings, and sauces are used to flavor the surface of the meat to provide a winning combination for great taste and unique flavor.